The slamball game is a very recent sport, which consist of a sort of basketball with trampoline under the hoops. The trampolines makes the players jumping higher, so they can do a lot of figures, like unbelievable dunks. Slamball is a very physical sport. Mason Gordon, his creator, wanted to create a sport similar to a video game, but in real life, of course.

If the ball pass through the hoop, it worth 2 points, but if it’s scored by a dunk with one or two hands, it worth 3 points. So don’t be surprised to see a lots of dunks and figures in a slamball match! Here is an example of some super dunks:

This video shows all the crazy things we can do with a trampoline and a ball… It’s slamball!

But slamball is not a tender game: just watch these videos, you will understand why!

Something that you have to know about slamball is that all goes fast: the points are scored really fast… the player just come and dunk, the other team take the ball and dunk,  al of that don in less than 15 seconds…  but it’s all but boring, if you like action, you will love it!

Here is a video explaining some slamball positions… watch it if you are interested!

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