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Nice punk song, by the ramones. Just listen to it and write what you think…


Spin doctors, Two Princes

The spin doctors are not famous, but they are good. I noticed them when I listened to the album tribute to Jimi Hendrix “Stone Free”. They play Spanish Magic  Castle, and it sounded good, soI decided to know more about them…

the Lemonheads are not really famous, but they should be! I hope you  like this song, which rocks!

So this is just an overview f the film that has recently been shot. It’s about the life of Henry Padovani. He was the first guitarist of The Police, in London, an carried on with the Electric Chairs and the Flying Padovani’s. He released is solo album in 2009; he is singer and of corse guitarist. he is French, coming from Corse (the region).