Category: metal

This is nice! Alice cooper is a legend in rock and metal, and hearing him talking about his motivations, his “sense of humor”, him playing the villain and all the things that go with it is something great, you know! This is simply amazing isn’t it? Well, all the small details, etc… I like it! leave comments!


Skyclad, Parliament of fools

This is a excellent song. This is in fact a Celtic-metal song…That’s pretty good isn’t it? You HAVE to listen to that and leave comments! Did you like it? Why? In fact, I want to know what people that are not from a Celtic country think about it… And if you are from a Celtic country, that’s OK! Where are you from? Well, anyway, this is a good song!

Iron maiden, The Trooper

This song is… super cool! The guitar is more than amazing, the melody is really nice…

Well, this song is a must!